‘This mobile will fascinate your baby in a special way—this is superior to any other mobile’ — ROBIN BARKER, EARLY CHILDHOOD NURSE, AUTHOR OF BABY LOVE

For years people believed that newborn babies could hardly see and that when they did start looking around it was simple shapes and primary colours they preferred. But times have changed and now, throughout the world, experts and parents agree that from the moment they’re born babies really can see!

From the time its eyes open the vision cells in a baby’s brain are being stimulated to remember everything it looks at.

So what do babies like to look at apart from their mum or dad’s face?  Studies show that it is not the primary colours but black and white geometric patterns which attract their attention time and time again. Black and white faces; black and white repeat patterns; black and white stripes, circles and triangles—from a day old, baby’s eyes are drawn to black and white, angle and contrast.

So here’s the perfect toy –a black and white mobile where the patterns face down for the baby, offering the visual stimulation so important for their development.

It’s a great start for baby’s first year!

Black and White Mobile for Newborn Babies is available through Amazon Australia

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