Waiting for later

Waiting for Later is about  Nancy. It’s an autumn afternoon and although others are always telling her that she’s big, Nancy feels small. She wants company and attention from her family, but no one has any time. They all say later. So Nancy climbs a tree where she makes the wonderful discovery that nature and her own imagination can provide her with everything she needs for now. By nightfall she knows she is a small part of the wide world but a big part of her family. And she scrambles down the tree and home for dinner.

Waiting for Later was shortlisted for the QLD Premier’s Literary Awards, The NZ Post Children’s Book Awards and  LIANZA’s Russell Clark Award for illustration. “The language is delicious, the slightly retro illustrations deceptively full of kid-friendly detail and there’s a parallel storyline in silhouettes under the text. This will become a classic.”- NZ Listener

Waiting for Later is available through Amazon Australia

Workings  shows how I made some of the pictures for Waiting for Later

Here’s a clip of me reading Waiting for Later