So Many Wonderfuls


So Many Wonderfuls started as a few detailed drawings of a made-up place. At first I didn’t have a book in mind but as I drew I got curious about the town I was inventing and wanted to explore it further. The only way that could happen was for me to draw some more of it. One thing led to another and suddenly there was a whole town full of friends and families and animals and lovely places for people to congregate and I didn’t know where it was but I certainly liked being there. I hope you do too.

First I drew the pictures in pencil then I went over them in ink. Finally I coloured them using a computer. It’s the first time I’ve made pictures in this way and I loved it.

When I got stuck for ideas I would look at Tintin books for inspiration because they are full of amazing detail. And I thought of Harold (of Purple Crayon fame) who draws the world around him as he walks through it until he ends up safe and sound at home in bed. And I hope that is somewhere you will read So Many Wonderfuls because this town is a place to dream of; where friends and family, food and shelter, nature and stories are what matters most, where there are public places and wild spaces for all to share and enjoy. It’s a town full of life and full of love — and with enough towns like this what a wonderful world it would be!

Here is a song of So Many Wonderfuls – you could listen while you look at the book.

Big thanks to the Eeore Chanticleers for singing in the kitchen.

Workings  shows how I made some of the pictures for So Many Wonderfuls



3 thoughts on “So Many Wonderfuls

  1. Alison A Ellison

    Hi Tina, I saw So Many Wonderfuls at the Te Papa museum, while on a trip to NZ last month, and loved the book. We were already packed and worried about the wt of our bags, so I did not purchase the book (as well as the 3 others I found that day.) Now I’ve returned to the US and cannot find the book anywhere. I’m kicking myself for not buying it that day. I just saw “Waiting” on this website, and watched you read it–also wonderful! Is there a You Tube of you reading So Many Wonderfuls? If not, I might suggest you record one. People here would love your books. Alison

    1. tinamatthews Post author

      Thanks Alison. That’s really kind of you and YES I will read So Many Wonderfuls and put it up on the site. I’ve been meaning to for ages. I’m pleased you enjoyed the others. Actually Wonderfuls is pretty hard to come by as it’s out of print here in Sydney and I’m currently trying to coax Walker Books Australia into a reprint – if that happens I can post one to you in the States. I’d love to get it printed elsewhere as it’s a theme of public spaces and community life which is relevant the world over. Kids seem to enjoy it in classrooms – the hunt for the old woman and the pig keeps them looking and talking. I will keep you posted. Email me on if it’s easier. Best wishes, Tina


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